History of 1360 Squadron

1360 Squadron was officially formed on 6 April 1941.

1359, 1360 & 1814 Squadrons (later 1359 & 1360) operated under one committee and were known as the Beeston & Stapleford wing. This continued until October 1951, when Flt Lt (Flight Lieutenant)Jones of 1360 Squadron thought that it would be better for both units to be independent and each having its own committee. This probably fitted in with some of the changes that were taking place at the time and so from november 1951 each unit had its own committee. Flt lt Butler joined the Squadron in March 1941, the unit was recruiting from the beginning of March 1941. He remained as OC (Officer Commanding) until may 1942, when he was transferred to become OC 1359 Squadron.

Here he stayed until December 1946. In January 1947 he was promoted to Sqn Ldr (Squadron Leader) to command a Notts County district which included the Beeston & Stapleford Wing. On the national reorganisation of the Corps, when Nottinghamshire Wing was formed out of the old County & City committees/districts he became part of the new Wing. In June 1951 he was promoted to Wing Commander Nottinghamshire Wing where he stayed until his retirement in August 1959.

Flt Lt Ward joined the Squadron at the beginning and became OC in June 1942 and served until he resigned in October 1945. He remained on the committee until 1951. Flt Lt Jones was a former WW1 Royal Flying Corps pilot, joining around the time that the Squadron was formed. He served as OC from November 1945 until his retirement in October 1960. His civilian occupation was as the range warden at the trent rifle range. He was an enthusiastic rifleman and 1360 Squadron performed well at shooting, the Squadron shot at Bisley many times, where many cadets were awarded their cadet hundred badge. During his office at Stapleford the unit had the “winged bullet” as an emblem. Both 1359 & 1360 Squadron shot regularly at trent range until it was closed due to the building of the radcliffe on soar power station.

Flt Lt Bob Cook was an ex-cadet of 1360 Squadron becoming one of the first ever Cadet Warrant Officers in the Corps. He was appointed an Adult Warrant Officer in 1959 and was commissioned into the VR(T) in 1962. Remaining with the Squadron he was the CO from September 1968 to September 1971. He remained in the Corps commanding several other Squadrons prior to being appointed as a Wing Staff Officer with East Midlands Wing, being promoted to Squadron Leader in 1983. He was appointed as a member of the most excellent order of the British Empire on 1st January 1992.

Flt Lt Steve Abel was an ex-cadet of 1359 Squadron prior to his service in the Royal Air Force. He returned to the ATC in October 1967 joining 1360 Squadron, commanding the unit from September 1971 to April 1976. At the age of 21 he was serving as a lancaster pilot with 514 squoq.a On the night of 22 aprl 1945 his aircraft was badly damaged on route to bremen although it continued to target, after taking a direct hit over target the aircraft lost control and eventually crash-landed in a dutch cornfield. Miraculously through the skilled flying of flying officer abel all seven crew walked away from the wreck unharmed. On 5 may 1945 steve able received a postagram personally signed by air chief marshall harris offering his warmest congratulations on the award of a distinguished flying cross (dfc).

Flt Lt Allan Munns was a cadet at 1360 Squadron from the age of 14, he then left the ATC to join the RAF in September 1969. Flt Lt Munns spent 25 years as a communications specialist in the Royal Air Force reaching the rank of Chief Technician. He then assisted at 1360 Squadron from the Spring of 1994 whilst serving in the RAF at RAF Newton in Nottinghamshire. Once leaving the RAF he immediately volunteered as a Civilian Instructor at 1360 Squadron.

In 1996 he was appointed to the position of Squadron Warrant Officer and took command of the Squadron in 1999 when it was at risk of closure due to lack of commissioned officers. In may 2000 he was commissioned into the training branch of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve and was to have the role of Squadron Commander for the next 10 years.

Flt Lt Phil Giles was another former cadet of 1360 Squadron who went on to command the unit from 05 April 1976 until 10 August 1983 when he was promoted to Squadron Leader and became a Wing Staff Officer. He was promoted to Wing Commander and commanded East Midlands Wing from 1990 to 2000 until its merger with South Midlands Wing. Wing Commander Giles was appointed an OBE.