Cadets at all levels of the Air Training Corps have the opportunity to participate in the sport of rifle shooting. Since the ATC was originally a recruiting organisation for the Royal Air Force it made good sense for marksmanship to be on the training syllabus. Cadets also have the opportunity to gain different badges (known as Markmanships) as they advance their Shooting skills.

The chance to take part in competitions is also available for Cadets, giving them the chance to show case their Shooting skills and abilities and to compete against other Cadets nationwide. This is a worthy activity to be part of as experience can be carried forward in further progression within the Royal Air Force if Cadets want to do so!

A “range” is a location designed so that people can take part in shooting under controlled conditions and ranges come in many shapes and sizes. Initially, shooting takes place with the target 25m from the firer, either on a 25m indoor range or a 25m barrack (outdoor) range. As the firer advances through the weapons they will start to shoot at ranges of 100m or more.

Cadets first train with and fire either the Lee–Enfield No.8 .22 rifle or .177 air rifles. They can then progress to the L98A2GP (GP standing for Cadet General Purpose), a variant of the 5.56 mm L85A2, with the selector switch removed and locked on repetition. The 7.62 mm Parker Hale L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle is also used at long ranges for competition shooting such as ISCRM.