Cadets get the opportunity to travel all over the World when part of the 1360 Squadron. We offer a range of camping experiences, so there is something for everybody! From weekend long to three-week long camping experiences, the Air Training Corps gives Cadets the ability to experience flying, navigation, fieldcraft, cooking and adventure training in almost every continent!

Weekend Camps

1360 Squadron takes its Cadets on weekend camping experiences around the UK, where Cadets work together in teams to conquer navigation tasks, adventure training, field craft and much more. This gives Cadets the perfect opportunity to test their skills, to make new friends and to prove themselves as progressing Cadets within the Air Training Corps, whilst having lots of fun.

Week Long UK Camps

1360 Squadron takes its Cadets on week long visits to RAF stations at various locations in the UK, where Cadets will have the opportunity to experience flying, visit other RAF stations and to work in teams on camp-based activities. As with any other camping experience, this gives Cadets the opportunity to put their skills to test and to make new friends and to learn from those around them whilst having a great time!

Week Long Overseas Camps

Week-long camping opportunities are available in various locations such as Germany, Gibraltar, Cyprus and the Ascension Islands. Here, Cadets have the ability to experience Squadron activities in different locations with various terrains and obstacles to make the experience even more exciting and memorable. This is a sought after camping experience within the Cadets as travelling abroad for camping is a very talked about topic!

International Air Cadet Exchange

This opportunity is available on an application basis, where Cadets have the chance to go to International camps such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong and the USA for a period of three weeks. This is a once in a life time opportunity for Cadets who wants to test themselves in new environments, to make new friends and to push themselves to their limits. This is definitely an experience that can be treasured for a life time and is a good reference to use for progression both in and out of the ATC.