This area is to show the training programme for the current month. The training programme will show what activities will be taking place at the Squadron and the uniform the cadets are required to wear for those activities

Consent forms that are required for certain activities that take place outside of the Squadron grounds can also be downloaded in this section.

Authorised Absence forms need to be filled out and handed to an NCO in your flight, preferably a week prior to your absence.

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June 29 - July 05
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    No events
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    No events
  • 01
    No events
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Consent Forms

TG 21 Form

TG 23 Form

AvMed Form 1


Air Cadet Publications

ACP 1 Ethos, Core Values and Standards in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets

ACP 31 V1 – The ATC

ACP 31 V2 – The RAF

ACP 32 V1 – Map Reading

ACP32 V2 – Basic Navigation

ACP32 V3 – Air Navigations

ACP32 V4 – Pilot Navigation

ACP33 V1 – History of Flight

ACP33 V2 – Principles of Flight

ACP33 V3 – Propulsion

ACP33 V4 – Airframes

ACP34 V1 – Airmanship I

ACP34 V2 – Airmanship II

ACP34 V3 – Aircraft Handling

ACP34 V4 – Operational Flying

ACP35 V3 (Chapter 1) – Advanced Radios and Radar

ACP35 V3 (Chapter 2) – Advanced Radios and Radar

ACP35 V3 (Chapter 3) – Advanaced Radios and Radar

ACP35 V4 – Satellite Communications

ACP48 – JNCO Course Notes

ACP49 – SNCO Course Notes

AP818 – Drill Manual

AP1358c V1.08 – Dress Regulations