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Recognition of Hard Work.

September 11th, 2017

Tonight has been an extremely exciting night for many of the cadets of 1360 who have received many forms of recognition in light of their hard work.

To begin with, Youth First Aid Certificates were presented to a couple of cadets for successful completion of such an important course which empowers cadets with the ability to provide life-saving support. These went to Cdt Robins and Cdt Stevenson.

A couple of Bronze DofE Certificates swiftly followed, accompanied by the brand new Progressive Training Syllabus Badges, ready for their brassards! These went to Cdt Robins and Cpl Van Huizen.

Last, but not least were Heart-start Badges, which went to 5 cadets for successfully completing a course giving an introduction to First Aid. These went to Cdts Grieve, Robins, Jordan, Beard and Cpl Roe.

Finally, the pinicle of the night was the promotion of three standout cadets, to the rank of corporal, in recognition of their constant high standards, and for the hard work, effort and dedication they put in to each and every parade night.

These went to Cdts Davies, Griffiths, and Stevenson

A massive congratulations goes to everyone who received an award in addition to those who continue to strive and make the most out of their cadet career!

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