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Supporting the Public

March 7th, 2017

One of the organisations qualifications is Youth First Aid, not a qualification we all hope to use but most certainly one of the most rewarding should we need to.

It was one of those days for CPL Mia Radford of 1360 (Stapleford & Sandiacre) Squadron, today while she was out in Derby City Centre. A young woman had collapsed and needed emergency support. Using her extensive First Aid knowledge, CPL Radford acted quickly and promptly by checking she was breathing, calling the emergency services and placing the lady into the recovery position.

These are life saving skills and we are glad that CPL Radford was there to put practice into reality.

Flying Officer Jess Kment, OiC 1360 Squadron has commented, stating that she is very proud of CPL Radford, having the confidence to perform First Aid and she hopes to deliver the Youth First Aid Course to many more Cadets.

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